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Premium Quality 

We don't skimp on quality; we deliver the highest grade premium quality basmati rice to your kitchen.

GMO Free Guarantee

Taj Mahal Rice is grown without the use of pesticides and is in its most natural state, it is always non-genetically modified.

Nutritious & Healthy 

Our top priority is your health. Every single grain of Taj Mahal Rice is packed with nutrients that will keep you strong and healthy at all times.

Value for Money 

Do not think twice just eat Rice.

We offer the best price for the quality we provide in the market.

We are on a mission to create a more humane and sustainable food system without compromising on taste and quality.


We don't mind stalking !!

Craving biryani or veg pulao? Let's get cooking!

With Taj Mahal Basmati Rice

Our Services 

Longest Grain

We are the supplier of longest grain basmati rice. The average grain length of the uncooked Steamed Basmati 1121 Rice is 8.35mm and above

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Healthy Choice

A heart-healthy option that adds a touch of elegance to your plate and and nourish your body with the aromatic goodness of Supreme quality basmati rice

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Aromatic Flavor

The captivating and mesmerizing aroma will not only elevate your dining experience but also take your culinary dreams on a fragrant flight

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Experience a plateful of cooked Basmati rice that elevates your flavor journey with its irresistible taste

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Premium Quality

When it comes to quality, we bring you nothing but the best – our Premium Basmati Rice sourced from across India. Only the finest crops undergo rigorous monitoring, selection, and processing. 

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GMO- Free

we are committed to providing you with high-quality, wholesome food options that are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

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24/7 Customer Support

We are available 24*7 to help our customers query by providing them the best possible solutions 

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Exporting Worldwide

We are exporting world wide the best quality basmati rice and 

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GMO- Free

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Taj Mahal Maxi-Long Red Steam Basmati Rice 20kg WPP bag front view
Taj Mahal Maxi-Long Green  Basmati Rice 20kg WPP bag front view Sella
Taj Mahal  Fiesta Steam Basmati Rice 20kg WPP blue bag front view
Taj Mahal Fiesta Sella Basmati Rice 20kg WPP brown bag front view
Our Best Sellers !!

"Best in service and Quality "

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golden crop of long grain basamti rice in hand

Quality is not just a word for us.

It's our true Identity !!

Every stage of Taj Mahal Basmati Rice processing is closely monitored by the highly skilled technical team. Our procurement guidelines ensure only the best quality crop is chosen for processing.

Sprinkled Long Grain Basmati Rice on wooden table

Where Passion Meets Purity 

Leading Indian Basmati Rice Exporters

Delicious Journey of Premium Quality Basmati Rice starts here

We believe that the finest quality basmati rice comes from clean consciousness

Welcome to Taj Mahal Rice, leading supplier and exporter of Premium Quality Indian Basmati rice to the multiple other nations worldwide. We feel proud that we are committed towards our customer in offering  them the finest and the premium quality rice, harvested from our reliable Indian farmers and processed using modern equipment and the latest technology to achieve the highest and top standards of purity and quality.

Our Basmati Rice-6 is known for its mesmerizing aroma, fluffy texture, extra long that are absolutely incomparable with any other rice in the world.  Taj Mahal Rice as a company that has been into this industry since more than 30 years and with god's grace we are now among the top basmati rice exporters from India, we not only agree to this point but we very well  understand this line " It takes months and years to make a healthy and trustable relationship with your customer and a seconds to loose that " Keeping this in our mind we provide the best and the finest quality basmati rice and services that surely meet our customer's need.

A bowl of premium basmati rice kept on table with vegetables
Long Grain Basmati Rice on table with oil

Buy the Best & Premium Quality Basmati Rice

Savor the delicate grains of Basmati rice, a taste that lingers

Gather 'round the fragrance, relish the moments

The Taste that Travels along the World -Exporting the best quality basmati rice

At Taj Mahal Rice , every step of the rice export process is carefully managed to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. The company works closely with farmers, cultivating long-standing relationships and providing them with guidance and support to grow the best and the finest quality Basmati rice crops. This commitment to working directly with farmers enables Taj Mahal Rice to have better control over the quality and traceability of their products.

Golden basmati rice crop in hand
Long Grain Basmati Rice in bowl on white table

Delighting Organic

Food Enthusiasts

Our Products

Best Basmati Rice for Best Biryani

​Being the India's best Basmati rice dealer, exporters, manufacturers and suppliers we provide basmati rice of the finest quality.

We export Steam-and-Sella basmati rice of the top quality from India "the hub of rice", whose fluffy texture and fresh aroma make your traditional boring biryani unbelievably a delightful treat.

We at "Taj Mahal Rice " use cutting-edge technology to process the rice without employing any toxic chemicals or other techniques that harm the environment in our rice milling facilities.

The long, slender, fine, soft, nutrient-rich grains of Taj Mahal basmati rice remains perfectly straight and non-sticky after cooking. Taj Mahal Rice can be paired with many Indian as well as International dishes.  Have our best-quality basmati rice for health and delectable flavor.