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100% Premium 

Quality Rice

We provide delicious, nutritious,

gmo-free, and sustainable premium quality basmati rice 

Chase your love for Biryani !!

Freshly From The Fields

Your Biryani is just gonna be more delicious !!

Longest Grain 

The average grain length of the uncooked Steamed Basmati 1121 Rice is 8.35mm and above.

Elongates double 

when cooked 

The length of the grain gets doubled when cooked and gives you the immense fluffy texture.


It's captivating aroma will make your meal a special delicacy

Delicious Taste

The Biryani cooked with Taj Mahal Basmati Rice

is just a mouthwatering feast for every occasions.

We guarantee that only the best crop is selected for processing. Quality control is tightly enforced throughout all phases of production, including cleaning, sizing, sorting, grading, and packaging. We take great satisfaction in maintaining the strictest quality control standards and go above and above to do so.

We believe that delicious food
comes with a clean conscious

As the best manufacturing and exporting firm in India, we provide products of the finest quality.
We export steam-and-sella basmati rice of the finest quality, whose fluffy texture and fresh aroma make your regular biryani unbelievably delightful.
We use cutting-edge technology to process the rice 
without employing any toxic chemicals or other techniques that harm the environment in our milling facilities.

Explore the Range

Biryani Special Rice 

The exceptionally long Tajmahal Biryani Rice draws its unique aroma and taste from the highly fertile soil and climatic conditions of the misty mountain ranges of the TAJMAHAL

In addition to manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Basmati rice, we also produce the extremely popular non-Basmati Indian rice. Several sizes and types of non-Basmati rice from India are available. Some are circular, some are short and thick with few bead-like features, while others are long and lean.

Any type of rice that isn't of the basmati strain is referred to as non-basmati rice. Long-grain rice with an aromatic scent and delicate flavour is called basmati rice. Contrarily, non-basmati rice can come in a variety of flavours, textures, and fragrances.Similar to basmati rice, non-basmati rice can be beneficial when included in a balanced diet and consumed in moderation.